Egyptian Register of Shipping (ERS) is a company at the service of the international Maritime Community where a great spiritual strength is required by all its members to successfully fulfill all its clients demands, even under the utmost of circumstances. ERS has promises to maintain a process of continuous improvement in order to achieve leadership in the field of marine inspection and certification.

In order to fulfill all ours client's requirements and to continue the process of improvement, ERS has been committed to maintain the following policies:

Offer our clients quality services.
Provide emission of certificates in a most efficient and expeditious way. Maintain personnel properly trained. Maintain an understanding regarding the importance of achieving our objectives and goals of continuous improvement to our personnel.
Maintain an effective communication inside the organization and with our clients.
Maintain procedures up-to-date and adequate according to the national and International Regulations.
Measure results in pursuit of our objectives. Assure a process of continuous improvement