Cargo Recovery

The ships carrying cargo can be subject to many serious problems looks like: -

• The ship become in seriously damaged

• Loaded cargo is damaged

• Fraud

• Pirates claim

• Arrest due to insolvency of shipowners of time charterers.

• Cargo refused by consignees

• Cargo rejection by Authorities at destination

E.R.S, in most cases, assume the responsibility for settling:

• General average

• Salvage liabilities

•Outstanding crew wages

•Other encumbrances (port charges, arrests, etc.)

And, in addition will make arrangements, when required, for:

•Transshipment of cargo

•Purchase of vessel

•Towage of vessel to destination

•Delivery of cargo to destination

•Purchase of the cargo

E.R.S, can provide unique services to the shipowners and insurance industries ~ that of professional problem solving.

E.R.S, allows have been finding solution for some of the most of the challenging and complex maritime disputes in co-potation with the most famous companies working in this felids and our goal in each case has been to minimize losses for all parties concerned. Our team has many years' career experience in the commodity trading, in particular, of problems in developing countries.

E.R.S, allows provide this services basis on "NO CURE NO PAY" this offer giving Cargo interests the advantage of knowing exactly what the ultimate cost to them will be. No payment is made to us under the contract until the cargo has safely arrived to destination.

So confident are we of abilities we generally agree to fulfilling all of our contract obligation before any payment is made.